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Hi Everyone! Amy here!

Vegetarian Minimalist is my space on the web to enjoy my favorite things.

Amy Vegetarian Minimalist

I’m a vegetarian because I never really liked the taste of meat. When I was young, I also saw chickens humanely slaughtered. I also realized that my favorite cows would disappear from the dairy farm near my childhood home on a regular basis. It made me want to stop eating meat. And when I did eat meat, I never felt that I digested it very well.

When I tried to be a vegetarian in my youth, I became anemic. My background in the food industry inspired me to learn to cook healthy meals and bake delicious desserts! I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years. I could never be a vegan because I feel better when I eat dairy products (hello spicy Mexican food). So I just eat what makes me feel healthy!

When I heard about the minimalist movement it didn’t change how I live. I don’t like clutter. In 2013 my boyfriend and I moved across the country with one dog and 3 boxes. Our car died on the way. We arrived with our luggage and our dog Charlie! It was a wild move but we made it to North Carolina and we love it here. We keep our home organized and enjoy a clutter-free lifestyle.

I live with my boyfriend, my 2 dogs (Fonda and Charlie) and a mean cat named Stanella (Stanny).

Fonda likes to eat power greens. Charlie loves everyone. Stanny is a little mean but we love her. None of our pets are vegetarian. They’re pretty spoiled!

Vegetarian Minimalist Pets
Stanny, Fonda, and Charlie

We love our vegetarian diet because it helps us living intentionally. We enhance our lifestyle with focusing on things that matter. We aren’t perfect and we don’t always eat organic or local.  We love to keep things simple and live with intention for mental and physical health.

So happy you’re here!

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